Why Jessica Simpson Is a Perfect Fit for 'Fashion Star'

jessica simpsonLet me first tell you that I love Jessica Simpson. And I don't mean that in any ironic way at all, I totally adore her and think she seems like a fun person to hang out with. I accosted her on two separate occasions to tell her so, but I think she probably lost my card because she hasn't called. Thankfully though, Jessica will be starring in a new NBC reality show called Fashion Star. Our Jess will mentor wannabe designers in what sounds like a competition that rewards the winner with their own brand, though there will also be singing, dancing, and a live audience.

All that's missing is a little Nick Lachey and we'd have a combination of Project Runway, American Idol, AND Newlyweds: the three best reality shows on Earth. But Jessica needs to stand firm ... we don't want another Steven Tyler situation on our hands.


And by that I mean that I was really excited when Steven signed on to judge AI. I thought he would bring some genuine experience to the panel and would offer intelligent insight on what it's like to be in the biz, how to have a successful music career that spans decades, and what it takes to be a great performer. But no! He just told everyone they were beautiful then went back to sleep in his chair.

That's the kind of thing I don't want to see Jessica do. She's got some serious cache in the fashion world and likely has a lot to share. I mean, her fashion empire, which includes everything from shoes to earrings to fur vests, is worth a billion dollars. I tell ya, I'm impressed by her products every time I go into a Macy's and usually walk out with something from her collection.

I want Jessica to show her business savvy and explain to the contestants what it takes to build a fashion label. I'm sure she's learned a thing or two along the way, and it'd be great if she shared what worked for her, and what didn't, as she took a fledgling singing career and turned it into a sartorial empire. And if her creepy dad Joe gave her some advice, I want to hear that, too.

If Jessica holds back on us, Fashion Star could just be another notch in our reality show belt, but if she follows my advice (like she should! or ever caaaalls me), then the show could be a great success. With singing, dancing, fashion, and Jessica? This thing could be huge!

Will you watch Jessica's new reality show Fashion Star?

Photo via jvh33/Flickr

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