The Fran Drescher Guide to Delightfully Tacky Fashion

the nannyThe thing about Fran Drescher is that no matter what she does in her career, she will always be The Nanny. Tonight, everyone's favorite Jewish meshugenah (translation: crazy) from Queens takes on a new venture on TV Land, Happily Divorced. The premise of the old-style sitcom is based on Fran's real life divorce with her husband, who announced he was gay after 18 years of marriage.

Sure, Fran may have moved on from her Nanny days, but it seems that the show's fashion has not. You know what I'm talking about right? You remember those wacky, overdone pieces our favorite household help would wear into Maxwell Sheffield's home office, don't you? Leopard prints, color blocks, high-waisted anything, tight skirts, you name it. Whatever it was that Fran was wearing, there was one rule: It had to be tacky.

Let's take a look at how some of today's best designers are remaking Fran's look, starting with Dolce & Gabbana ...


Say hello to The Nanny's pajamas! FYI: The blouse ($219, Dolce & Gabbana) is sold separately from the bottoms on the site. Can't you just see Fran rockin' this with skinny jeans and heinous hot pink stilettos?

Ahhh, the classic awkward looking nanny ensemble. This getup from the 2011 Carven Spring line just screams French maid chic, doesn't it?

Color blocking and Nanny Franny were like two peas in a pod. This Cody Belted Colorblock Dress ($368, is legitimately adorable, perfect for an afternoon rendezvous with the girls!

Say hello to vibrant! Perfect for a quick trip to pick up Margaret Sheffield from school, these Casual Pants (Moschino) are on sale for just $369!

Poofy sleeves are every '90s woman's best friend! This Striped Puff-Sleeved Dress ($15.80, is the perfect way for today's modern woman to show off her, ahem, assets.

Would you rock some of these '90s looks today? Reminisce the good ol' days with the opening credits to The Nanny below:

Image via YouTube

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