A Kate Middleton Trend That Won’t Cost You a Penny

kate middletonIn the last week, Kate Middleton stepped out on two different occasions in something she'd already worn before. The Duchess of Cambridge repeating clothes? Clothes that are years old? Blasphemy!

First, she accompanied sister Pippa to a friend's wedding in the same black and white Zara dress she wore four years ago on a night out on the town -- coincidentally, with sister Pippa; coincidentally when she and husband William were "on a break." Then, later that day, she attended Prince Philip's 90th birthday service in a lavender blue coat dress she wore in 2009 to another wedding. Could Catherine be starting a trend? A responsible, shop in your own closet trend?


If yes, I am happy to report I am way ahead of the curve. I have been shopping in my -- and my mother's and sister's -- closets for years, and let me tell you, there's nothing more satisfying than creating a new outfit out of something old. It's like beating the system. (Same goes for furniture, you know. I painted a small table of mine this weekend and moved it to a different corner of the room. Voila, new furniture.)

Yes, it's tempting to run out and buy a new dress or shirt every time you have "something," but it's really not necessary, despite what Forever 21 is telling you. Just change it up. For instance, Kate paired her blue coat with a different dress, hat, shoes, and purse. It went perfectly and totally created a new look -- why waste the money on something else?

Adding jewelry, different makeup, and switching up what you wore with what are all easy ways to make your outfit "fresh." If you're a little more adventurous, I'm a big fan of cutting things. IE, cutting old jeans into shorts, or cutting a maxi dress you can no longer stand into a mini. Don't mock it 'til you try it. And if it's good enough for HRH, it should be good enough for you.

Do you shop in your closet?


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