Roll With These Retro Roller Skating Looks This Summer

roller skatersMy older sister taught me how to roller skate. It was 1988 and we'd go every Monday afternoon to the local community center for a little old-fashioned free skate. She in jelly bracelets, me in a hand-me-down cotton jumper, we'd skate around in circles to tracks like "True Blue" by Madonna, "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston, and anything by INXS or Michael Jackson. The rec room was a swirl of neon as girls from kindergarten to high school jammed out on their eight wheels. 

Can you tell I'm a little nostalgic for the good old days? I haven't roller skated in 15 years, but I still think about how much fun it was ... and how much fun the fashion was. Part 1980s, part sporty, and part unhinged, you could get away with almost anything on the roller rink floor. In honor of this near extinct tradition, I bring you the best roller-skate inspired looks for the summer of 2011.






Heart-shaped sunglasses, $4.95 
Neon shades, $2

Wearing your sunglasses indoors is totally cool when you're roller skating. 
Rainbow striped tank, $160

Green sports bra, $23

Pair a colored sports bra with a loose tank -- mad props if your midriffs shows. So '80s!

                                                               Attack tank top, $12

Attack the rink in bright colors and fun prints!

Polka dot spandex shorts, $20

I'm pretty sure I had these exact biker shorts in the first grade.

Skinny ankle jean, $168

Colored denim is all the rage this summer. Pick your favorite color and go for it. 
Ombre denim shorts, $30

Over the knee rainbow socks, $9

Roller skates, $32

Funky socks are a must at any roller rink. The bolder, the better! Wear with these skates for a bangin' good time. 
iPod shuffle, $50

We all need tunes to skate to. Fill your colorful iPod shuffle with Girl Talk to really get you moving. 
Jelly bracelets!

The perfect roller skating accessory! Jelly bracelets are super cheap and super fun.

Did you ever dress up to go roller skating?

Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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