TOMS Sunglasses Offer Awesome Two-for-One Deal

toms sunglasses one to oneFound the perfect pair of summer shades yet? If you're like me, you wind up breaking any pair you pay more than $20 for, but still covet the designer specs. Which means I need a really, really good reason to invest in stylish sunglasses. TOMS just gave me two.

Yes, TOMS of the "must-have" comfy shoes. This California company, which has covered just about every foot in my neighborhood, has branched out to take care of your eyes as well. Only instead of just launching some cool looking shades, TOMS paired their new product with a mission called One to One. For every pair of TOMS sunglasses you buy, TOMS will give the gift of sight to someone in need. Whether that means glasses, or surgery, or any other kind of medical treatment, TOMS is taking care of the world's vision one person at a time.

This is why I felt good about wandering into my local TOMS store that features One to One, and felt even better once I tried on a pair of these sexy shades.


toms sunglasses one to oneSee? You don't have to sacrifice style for do-gooder'ness. (And you should also always give the bored model face when snapping your photo in the store mirror, FYI.) This isn't a burlap wrapped pair of specs, these -- and the other awesome designs -- will look great on you as well. In fact, you can try them on virtually and see for yourself. I'm sold on this pair of Classic 201s ($135) that comes in a variety of hip colors.

Why not help someone else while helping yourself to summer coolness?

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