Kate Middleton Commits Ultimate Formalwear Fashion Faux Pas

kate middletonEven Princesses aren't perfect. Kate Middleton (or Duchess Catherine, whateves) and Prince William attended a charity gala at Kensington Palace yesterday and our Kate stepped out in a mermaid costume. Perhaps she mistakenly thought the event had an under-the-sea theme because all that was missing from her ensemble was a trident. Her dress, from Jenny Packham's Spring 2011 collection, looks like it's made from a plate of fish scales with rhinestone garnish.

There is no question that Kate is a beautiful woman and I loved that she tried something new (I'll admit, I was getting a little bored of the uni-colored silk dresses), but I think that in this case, she missed the mark. In my opinion, sparkles on a flesh-tone frock will always make a lady either look like a figure-skater or a sea nymph. Am I right?


It's really hard to wear sequins and be taken seriously. Not to be confused with gorgeous beading, I'm talking about straight up reflective devices sewn onto clothes. If you're not marching in a band, taking to the ice, or performing in a drag show, I see no purpose for wearing sparkles. (Anyone under age 12 is exempt.)

I had a Bedazzler as a kid, so don't worry, you can consider me an expert on all things ... dazzling. It was that formative tool that taught me everything I needed to know about the evils of reflective embellishments. Despite what the box might say, there very much is such a thing as too much glitter. To this day, I will not wear anything that could come in handy when walking at night along a dark, highly trafficked road.

And when sparkles find their way into makeup and hairdos, we've got even bigger problems. An eyeshadow or blush with a little sheen is one thing, it's entirely another when friends start coming at you with a pointer finger to your face, telling you to hold still while they get that square piece of glitter off your cheek.

I say leave the coruscate clothes to kids and saucy performers. What about you?

Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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