Nicole Kidman Gets Bangs, Looks 10 Years Younger

Nicole KidmanI love Nicole Kidman.

If she's in a movie, I'll watch it. And I'll probably like it.

But my Nicole, she hasn't aged so well, and I can't quite pinpoint why.

Maybe it's because she's so fair. Or maybe it's the mysteriously full lips and the rumored Botox injections.

All I know is that in the last ten years or so, she's actually looked older than her 44 years.

At least until now.

Ms. Kidman showed up at the CMT Music Awards with new bangs and ... WOW.

She looks ten years younger!

Click through to see what she looked like before the bangs -- and tell me in the comments what you think of her new 'do!


Here's Nicole back in 2009:

Nicole KidmanYep, the bangs definitely make a difference- and so does the darker color.

Nicole's new look totally supports my decision to get bangs when I reach my mid to late 40s. I believe that bangs do about as much as a face lift to cover up wrinkles and make women look younger.

Let's hope Nicole sticks with the bangs and the warmer hair color. Let's also hope she lets those lips get back to normal. She's gorgeous without adding any "extras" to her face!

What do you think of Nicole's new hairstyle?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Edward Martinez1/Flickr

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