I Don’t Care if My Exposed Bra Straps Look Skanky


bra straps showingIt is hot out there, ladies. How hot is it? It's so hot I saw a chicken lay a fried egg! It's so hot the birds are using potholders to grab the worms! It's so hot, when you pull a potato out of the ground, it's already baked! Ba-DUM-bum! Okay, really bad jokes aside, it's hot, and when it's this hot, it's time to break out the tank tops. No matter how much you may hate your underarm flab, there comes a point when you have to go sleeveless ... we may be cooler, but then we face the bra strap conundrum. 

Do you let your bra straps show?

Sure, there are tanks that have thicker straps, so it may not be a huge issue, but these days, those skinny little straps are in. What do you do? I admit, I let mine show. Granted, my bras have smaller straps because, well, I don't have much in the northern region to hold up, so the bras that have the thicker straps aren't needed. Actually I could get away with no bra, but, well, that's a topic for another post.

Say you don't want to let your bra straps show -- what do you do with those cute tops with skinny straps? I know, we can grab a strapless bra, but, ummm, has anyone found a strapless bra that is comfortable and doesn't totally inch downward, so you have to hike it up every three minutes? If you have, please pass on that Holy Grail info of underwear, as strapless bras and this mama at the park just don't mix.

I've seen those bras with the clear plastic straps, but when you wear those, you aren't fooling anyone -- we still see your straps. They are there, still showing.

So, I am left with letting my straps show. I try to keep them together and match my bra and tops accordingly so as not to wear a black bra under a white tank. I'm not the only one, I know. Have the wardrobe goddesses given a silent nod to this practice ... or is it still kinda skanky to do this?

Do you let your bra straps show?


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nonmember avatar ash

I am always pulling on mine too. Last summer I bought one of those rubber bra things that just stick to your boobs. I love it! It gets kinda hot sometimes and only works on smaller chested women. But it rocks!!

cassi... cassie_kellison

I try very hard not to let straps show. I have a racerback bra for my racerback tanks and try to get a thicker tank strap so my bra doesnt show. But if there's no choice and the strap shows I try to at least coordinate the bra with the shirt haha

nonmember avatar Katherine

Being very large up top(44H), it is necessary for me to wear the industrial strap bras. Unfortunately clothing makers for plus sizes forget that we usually have bigger boobs, therefore bigger bra straps. I hate my bras showing in any way but with today's styles it is very hard. Usually I wear a little shrug over top to hide the straps, but some days it's so hot I let it hang out in all its glory.

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

I try to coordinate my bra and shirt too, but it's not always possible. I try to avoid it, but sometimes I just let my bra straps show. It depends on where I'm going too. If I was just running to the park with the kids, I'd probably haul on whatever and let them show. If I was going out to dinner, I would make sure to cover them up.

But either way, no big deal. It's summer. :)

Pua Smith

I think it's okay if it's a regular tank top, but skanky when you wear a regular bra with a racerback tank-or worse, regular bras with halter tops. *shudder*

Lynette Lynette

no I don't let them show

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I let them show and I don't care! like the author of this post i'm not working with much up north either so i have those skinny bra straps so i don't mind letting them hang out of my racerback top :)

Troys... TroysMommy1220

I have really never understood the big deal about your bra strap showing underneath your tank top straps. At least I'm having the decency to wear a bra, no? Do you know how many women I see with boobs around the same size as mine (36DD, ugh) who don't even bother to put the bra on? I'd rather look at your bra straps, honestly.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

It's skanky and tacky and when I see it, I wonder which trailer park you live in.  And since those of you who do it claim not to care, hopefully that doesn't offend  you....it it does offend you, maybe make an effort to look less low-rent.   I see this look so often on young girls even when it can't be justified by extreme heat, usually coupled with shorts that are too short and tight,....Skankapalooza.

sgr123 sgr123

It think it's as tacky as letting your thong show from your pants.  If your bra straps will have to show, may I recommend not buying that tank?  If you don't buy them, they will stop making them.  I wear tanks and my bra does not show unless the strap slips and I know that can happen to anyone.  But wearing a tank that does not line up with your bra is trashy looking.  I don't want to look at anybody's underwear.

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