Sheryl Crow Reminds Us All to Wear Our Skivvies

sheryl crowSheryl Crow performed with Kid Rock at the CMT Music Awards last night, but no one's really talking about how great she sounded or how lovely her hair looked. Nope, we're talking about her underwear.

I see London, I see France -- I see Sheryl's underpants! The 49-year-old Grammy award winner accidentally flashed the audience her underoos when she stood up from her stool after performing "Collide" with ex-boyfriend Kid Rock. We glimpsed pantie for less than a second, but once Twitter got a hold of some still shots, her crotch shot went viral.

And when Sheryl found out that photos of her underwear were circulating the Internet, she reacted in the coolest, chillest way possible. She handled it so well!


About an hour after her mishap, she presented an award onstage with Sara Evans, and was all:

OK, I'm just going to address the elephant in the room. People all over America are tweeting that I was wearing a really short skirt when I sang with Kid Rock and that when I got up off the stool, I showed my underwear.

Then co-presenter and country music star Sara Evans goes, "Well, at least you were wearing underwear." And Sheryl, the consummate performer and underwear advocate, said: "I was wearing underwear, cuz I am good, clean family entertainment."

Sheryl may not have realized she was doing a PSA, but her message is certainly reaching millions of people about the importance of putting on your drawers before leaving the house. Is there ever a time when you shouldn't wear a cotton barrier between your privates and your clothes when in public? I can't think of a reason ... still can't ... nope, got nothing. My rules are never leave the house without underwear, sunglasses, or a packet of tissues. 

And I think Sheryl would agree with me. Could you imagine if she hadn't worn any skivvies last night? Yikes. We've all seen Britney's vagina, and Paris', and Lindsay's ... I would have hated to put Sheryl's name in with those nit wits. Kudos to Crow for remembering her jockeys and for mentioning her unmentionables on stage.

Have you ever left the house without wearing underwear? If so ... may I ask why?

Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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