New Shopping Site: Confess Your Sins, Win Awesome Clothes

omgijustbought.comEver have epic shopping sprees only to get home and wonder what the hell you've done? There isn't an app for that (yet) but soon there will be a website. The tumblr called OMG I Just Bought will officially launch in July and it's a place where shoppers are encouraged to post about and confess their most recent purchase, whether they be "sins or wins." And once you submit an item, you're automatically entered to win a gift card to a favorite store ... thus enabling your good, or bad, behavior.

The site is great for two reasons. One, you can get info on cute sale items (win) and two, you can either feel less alone, or justified, or superior when people confess to maxing out three cards to buy the new Proenza Schouler bag (sin). So what do we have to confess?


I spent $6.53 at Starbucks this morning, so that feels like a sin. I feel really guilty about that, but I don't think this is the kind of thing the site had in mind. Although, someone on the site confessed they bought $90 diapers, so maybe it is open to any purchase we find absurd or absurdly awesome.

In the last month, I'd have to confess to spending:

OMG I just bought $200 worth of labor from movers who hauled my stuff from one dumpy apartment to the next, both on the fourth floor without an elevator (win).

OMG I just bought a $60 short-sleeved sweater from the Gap when I had just popped in to enjoy some air conditioning while waiting to meet a friend (sin).

OMG I just bought $23 mani/pedi (win). Both fingers and toes are blazing Essie's Pink Parka (double win).

OMG I just bought a $200 lamp from Crate and Barrel (undecided).

So! What would you have to confess?

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