Knock-Off Louboutins, Courtesy of Your Local Cobbler?

LouboutinsHere's an interesting story.

The blog Madison Avenue Spy is reporting that at least one local shoe repairman in New York will resole any pair of shoes you want with the same red rubber he uses to repair Louboutins.

The cost?

$22 to $32 per pair.

And if he's doing it, my guess is that just about any cobbler would do it, provided he/she has the right equipment.

The question is this:

Would you hire your cobbler to turn your Steve Maddens into fake Louboutins?


Madison Avenue Spy goes on to report that Vibrum red rubber is the closest match to Louboutin's red sole -- and it can be found on eBay for $6 per sheet.

So technically, you could buy a sheet of rubber on eBay, take it to your cobbler, and I'm guessing he/she would have no problem resoling your shoes with it, all for a fairly low price.

Interestingly, some commenters took issue with the Madison Avenue Spy post, accusing the blogger of promoting counterfeiting.

I disagree.

We're not talking about a design like Louis Vuitton's famous print ... we're talking about shoes that happen to have red soles. I realize that Christian Louboutin's attorneys are aggressively protecting his "rights" to exclusively selling shoes with a red sole, but I just don't think that's going to work out in Louboutin's favor in the end. It would be like trying to trademark red shirts. You just can't do that.

So, ladies ... would you take your shoes in for a red resoling?


Image via valeyoshino/Flickr

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