My Favorite Beauty Secret Is Found in the Toilet

fishing shopI gotta be honest with you, one trend I am not a fan of is feather hair extensions. Sported by celebs like Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, and the entire American Idol cast this past season (including Steven Tyler), it seems to be sweeping the nation. And I really would like it to stop.

Distaste for this silly, surely fleeting fad aside, though, I must say, I admire the ingenuity used by women unlike me in order to obtain these rat-tail-like hair additions. Instead of heading in to their local beauty supply shop to shell out $40 a pop, ladies are heading in to their local tackle and bait shops to snag them for $5. And fishermen are pissed.


See, they use the long, skinny rooster feathers to make fishing lures, and they're sort of hard to come by already, and now with the hair feather craze, it's damn near impossible. Sucks for the fishermen, but hats off to the ladies who thought to do this. A buck's a buck, right?

Even though I have no intention whatsoever of ever sporting this look, I always love me a good beauty trick -- especially when said trick keeps the coin in my bank. And I've got a whole slew of 'em up my sleeve. Here are some less-than-classy things I've done to save money. You're welcome.

  • Exfoliated with actual sugar instead of, you know, exfoliator. Not on my face, though. Oh hell no.
  • Put lemon juice in my hair instead of getting it professionally highlighted. Soooo don't recommend this.
  • Added water to the itty, bitty end of my shampoo -- then shook it up real good. Kinda works, but don't do it for three days straight. Eventually you're just washing and rinsing with water.
  • Conditioned my hair with olive oil. Another thing I don't recommend. Unless you want your hair to look like a salad for a week.
  • Used toilet seat covers as oil blotters. Totally recommend this. Do it. Right now. Your office has them. Thank them.

What cash-saving beauty tips do you know of? Would you ever wear feather hair extensions?


Image via taberandrew/Flickr

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