Helena Christensen Wears Fake Glasses to Feel Smart? That's Just Dumb

helena christensenHelena Christensen admitted to Vogue that she wears fake glasses. The 42-year-old Danish supermodel has perfect eyesight and doesn't need prescription lenses ... but she doesn't let that get in the way of wearing some specs. She argues that she thinks glasses make her look smarter and make her more adult.

I get that we dress professionally to feel more on our game (that would explain the pant suit I wore yesterday, if anyone's wondering), but wearing fake glasses somehow seems more like childish dress-up than it does a fashion statement. Is she going to carry a pocket watch and smoke a pipe next? Maybe carry around a book in Latin? I love Helena, but this just sounds absurd.


Women and men of all ages and walks of life use clothing as a tool to project success, confidence, and swagger. That's the power and beauty of clothes -- they can transform us. Ivy League cuff links, high heels, crisp white shirts ... there are certain sartorial items in everyone's closet that they reach to when they need a boost of fortitude.

But for some reason, fake glasses rub me the wrong way. We don't need to look smarter by pretending to have poor eyesight. To me, there's a difference between dressing professionally and using a prop. Do you agree?

Here's what she told Vogue: "I don't wear prescription glasses, but I wear glasses because I think they make you look more interesting and a little bit smarter. They make me feel grown-up."

I'm frustrated because I think she sounds puerile and insecure, and that's not what I want from my high power supermodels. And she's not doing the modeling industry any favors either by disclosing that she feels the need to pretend to be smart by wearing glasses. Helena is certainly a bright woman who speaks multiple languages, who's traveled the world twice over, and who's built an enormously successful career ... so why the facade? Shed the artifice and be your smart, sexy self, no need to fake it with rims.

Do you think wearing fake glasses is different from dressing to feel confident?

Photo via Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

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