'Lisa Simpson' Shoes Are $500? D'oh!

lisa simpson designer shoeLisa Simpson would so not approve. But the voice behind the smart Simpson, Yeardley Smith, has designed a fabulous line of luxury shoes, and they are not cheap. They are, however, pretty fantastic looking. Smith, who has voiced the logical and measured Lisa for the past 20 years of The Simpsons, also wanted her line, Marchez Vous YS, to be comfortable. So while that is in line with her television character, the $395 - $500 price tag certainly is not.

You know, if I were making $400,000 per episode, I might spend my grocery bill on shoes also. I have to say these kicks are very cool and very young and hip.

Check out a few more from the lady behind Lisa Simpson.


lisa simpson designer shoeLoving these! But cannot afford. I wonder if they're also made in an environmentally friendly fashion? You know who else would want to know about that? Lisa Simpson.

lisa simpson designer shoeThis pair I'm also coveting.

Since I know I'll never buy these super pricey lady shoes, I also have to stop and ask, "Why do rich people design shoes?" Honestly, they have no concept of what people in the real world actually spend on their feet coverings. If I saw these in a store for even $125, they would be my fancy pair for the year. But at four and five hundred dollars -- no way. And I LOVE them.

What's more realistic is I'll pick up this pair of Homer Simpson slippers on Amazon for $21.99.

lisa simpson designer shoeThat's about as close to Lisa Simpson shoes as I'm ever gonna get.

What do you think about these new designer shoes by Yeardley Smith?

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