Looking for Cute Sneakers? Check Out Marimekko for Converse!

ConverseProblem: You want to wear cute shoes, but you're a mom, so they need to be playground/park/zoo/neighborhood friendly.

Solution: Marimekko for Converse, baby!

These designer collaboration kicks will help you stay stylish yet oh-so casual. And a new batch of them is coming out in just a few days! Click through to see a few of my favorite Marimekko for Converse styles.



The two pairs of shoes pictured above are available now on Converse.com for $80 a pair. Sure, that's a little pricey for street sneakers -- but if you're like me, you'll keep them for three to five years, which comes out to about $20 a year. Not so bad, eh? ;)


ConverseThese sneakers and the three pictured below are from Marimekko's fall collection of Converse sneakers. They'll be available on Converse.com starting June 23. I love them!







Marimekko is a Finnish design company known for its eye-catching prints. According to the Marimekko site:

The collection features the most famous Marimekko print of all time, the Unikko (poppy) design, originally from 1964 by Maija Isola, to which her daughter Kristina Isola has created a new coloring and scale for the Converse shoes. This poppy print will adorn the shoes with bright pink or black flowers with metallic details.

I'm a fan!

How about you?


Images via Converse

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