Perfume Blasts From the Past

Perfume.comRemember Babe Perfume?

(How could you forget it?)

Well, now it doesn't have to be a distant memory from the days when you had braces and a huge perm.

You can get it online, retro packaging and all, for just $18.48 from

Want to see more blast-from-the-past scents that you can still buy today?

Read on -- and share your own favorite retro scent in the comments!





Way before there was Axe, there was ... Brut. My brother used to spray this stuff all over my room, just to be a jerk. UGH. I HATE the smell of Brut. But you can get some for your husband at, although I think $10.48 for antiperspirant is a bit steep ...


Lou LouLou Lou by Cacharel was my absolute favorite scent as a teen. It was discontinued, but I see that it's available at for $42.98. Tempting ...


Anais AnaisOf course, Anais Anais was Cacharel's signature scent back in the day, and I always had some of this stuff on my sink. It's selling for just $14.48 now on

Love's Baby SoftYou know I couldn't forget Love's Baby Soft (, $11.98). This was my first perfume and I can still remember its exact scent to this day!


CharlieCharlie was always popular, and you can still get it for $11.98.

Can you think of any popular scents from the '70s and '80s that I've left out? Which one was your favorite?

And are you as surprised as I am to see that you can still order these scents online???


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