Heidi Klum Bares All for 'Project Runway' Ad

GQThe Hollywood Reporter is, um, reporting that Heidi Klum stripped down to absolutely nothing for the latest series of ads promoting the upcoming ninth season of Project Runway.

Clearly, Heidi isn't afraid to pose naked -- she appeared in the buff on the cover of German GQ back in 2009, just as an example -- and I suppose if I had a body like Heidi's, I'd be baring it all every chance I got.

However, it does seem a little odd that she'd pose nude for Project Runway ads, simply because the whole point of the show is ...


I guess some people will do anything for a little extra publicity.

What do you think of this news?

The biggest news to come out of this story, as far as I'm concerned, is that the new season of Project Runway kicks off this summer on Lifetime.


Anyway, Lifetime's president Nancy Dubuc announced this week in a press conference that Klum's photos for the show were part of Lifetime's new effort to spotlight women who are "brazen, strong, confident, and sexy," according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to the story:

To hear Dubuc tell it, having Klum show off her model figure is a way of showcasing a woman who has all of those attributes. 

It is also a way to court attention ... And as Dubuc acknowledged during the session, finding ways to cut through the clutter is an increasingly vital piece of the television formula today.

Plus, she said with a big smile, "It's Heidi F--in' Klum."

Sounds like a real prize, that woman.

So what do you think about Heidi's photo -- shameless publicity ploy or image of a "brazen, strong, confident woman"?


Image via GQ

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Andrea Reo Dodge

ummm...shameless publicity for sure...

nonmember avatar Becki

What the HELL do you have against Heidi? I used to love your blog, but now it seems to be becoming the "let's bash Heidi Klum" blog. I don't CARE if you don't want parenting advice from her, or you think she shouldn't be posing naked in an add. You used to write about fashion, outfit ideas, etc. What happened to that? You're getting boring. I don't want to stop reading, because I keep hoping you'll go back to being interesting. But I'm wondering if that's going to happen.

Ulrike Klein

That's the exact same photo from 2009. Was all over German magazines. She's beautiful. just stunning.

zandh... zandhmom2

She is beautiful.  I wish I looked that good after having my kids :)

nonmember avatar Danielle

Anyone else think she was sitting on the potty at first glance! Bwahahahhha

momof... momof030404

I dont care here nor there for Heidi Klum. She seems nice enough and her and Seal seem cute together....But THIS picture is WAAAAAAAAYY photoshopped! To the point that I would say its HARDLY Heidi LOL

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Of course she wants publicity for her show but, she is also a strong confident woman.  I've never come across a site where the female writers always seem to be tearing down other women on their looks, the way they dress, their parenting style etc.  Its bad enough when its done in the comments section.  

Troys... TroysMommy1220

I find it a bit weird that you said not one negative thing about this magazine having a naked woman on it which will be displayed sans opaque cover on newstands all over but you had an issue yesterday with a magazine with a shirtless man on it because he had a feminine face.

Aside from that I don't really care about Klum.

Proud... ProudSingleMum

Dont' care about the ad....CAN NOT WAIT for the show to come back on!!! :)

Linds... LindsayFerrier

TroysMommy, I don't let my kids look at websites on the Internet that are meant for adults. :) But I can't control what's on a public newsstand.

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