'Vogue Italia' Puts Curves on Its Cover: Let's Hope the US Follows Suit!

Vogue ItaliaVogue Italia is following the plus-size modeling trend by putting not one, but three plus-size models on its cover. (And remember ladies -- 'plus-size' in the modeling industry means plus the standard modeling size. Which is two. Ahem.)

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the result. These women call to mind the high-glamour days of women like Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Brigitte Bardot.

They look like I want to feel when I'm in my underwear -- sexy, confident, and unashamed.

And this plus-size issue isn't all Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani is doing to combat the trend of emaciated models.


She has also started a petition to outlaw pro-anorexia websites.

Sozzani was a judge on the most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model and I can't help but wonder if seeing some of the life stories behind the newest crop of models made her decide to take a stand against the horrific trend of skeletal models. She has also created a 'Curvy' section on Vogue.it specifically for women who aren't stick-thin.

As for reader response to the 'Curvy' channel, she tells Women's Wear Daily:

These are very happy readers, happy that we are looking at them in different ways. In “Curvy,” they are superhappy with their sizes. We help them dress fashionably. We say: It’s pointless for you to buy leggings, take this because this will look good on you. We help them choose. We don’t talk about diets because they don’t want to be on a diet ... Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.

She also says Vogue Italia is becoming less and less dependent on Photoshop and that she is against Photoshop now.

I love it! I wish more fashion magazine editors had Sozzani's mindset.

What do you think?

Image via Vogue Italia

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