Celeb Clothing Lines I Hate to Love

ashlee and jessica simpsonHey, remember when Ashlee Simpson was a regular bubblegum kinda teen star? She had blonde hair, a different nose, and wore Blossomesque hats. Then when she started dating Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy she chopped her hair off, dyed it black, changed her nose (so emo), and marketed herself as a "rock chick?" Well, that -- and nepotism -- is paying off, because Ashlee and her rocker style are joining sister Jessica in the designing of a tween line. Edgy. According to Jessica:

Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand. I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.

As much as this triggers my gag reflex, I must admit this is a pretty good idea. Who better to market celebrity clothing to than tweens? Celebrity clothes for adults, though? That's just plain cheesy ... Or is it awesome?



By no means do I consider myself a label whore -- I don't have the cash to be one if I even wanted to -- but in some ways I guess you could say I am/was an anti-label whore. If I picked up a pair of sandals and saw they were Jessica Simpson, I would put them back down. If I fingered a bag I thought was cute, then saw Gwen Stefani was the designer, I'd toss it back on the shelf. I don't know, maybe it's because I don't want to make celebrities richer than they already are, maybe it's because it seems kind of fanatical, but celebrity-designed clothes just never sat right with me.

Until now. These three pieces are kind of really cute.

jessica simpson shoes

Cameo Sandals, Jessica Simpson, $51.75, Macy's. Ob-ssessed. Totally un-cheesy.

nicole richie necklaceSunburst Abalone Pendant Necklace, House of Harlow 1960 (Nicole Richie), $80, Nordstrom. Is this cute necklace really from the former (or is it still?) BFF of Paris Hilton? How is there no cheese in this pendant? Love.

elizabeth and james dress

Anita Short Dress , Elizabeth and James (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), $365, Bergdorf Goodman. We're not not buying it because it's celebrity-designed, we're not buying it because it's almost $400! But we'd love to have it.

What are your thoughts on celebrity-designed clothes? Do you care?


Image via LGEPR/Flickr

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