What's With The Brits? This Hat Might Outdo 'The Beatrice!'

Katharine HamnettWould you wear this hat to meet the queen?

Designer Katharine Hamnett did, and I just have to ask:


Did she out-Beatrice Beatrice?


I'm beginning to think these rich Brits are dreaming up the ugliest, most outrageous hats and seeing if the rest of us will put up with it. 

Plastic bubbles? Fake butterflies? Hideous feathers? Cowbells?

Yes, yes, yes AND YES!

You're probably wondering now who Katharine Hamnett is -- Well, you actually know her work, believe it or not.

She's the woman behind those popular 'FRANKIE SAYS RELAX' and 'CHOOSE LIFE' slogans back int he 80s.

She wore the red feathered monstrosity, which was designed by Beatrice's hat designer, Philip Treacy, during an award ceremony today.

At one point, Queen Elizabeth pinned a medal onto her dress. And I'll be honest. I thought the queen looked annoyed by the hat. You can see more photos from the ceremony here.

Of course, the queen can't be too ruffled by Hamnett's feathers. She herself wore a beribboned hairnet as a hat just last week.

What is the fashion world coming to?

What do you think of Katharine Hamnett's bizarre 'hat?'


Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images

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