Designer Jonas Bevacqua Left More Than Fashion Behind (VIDEO)

Jonas Bevacqua
Jonas Bevacqua
Devastating news today of the untimely death of 33-year-old designer Jonas Bevacqua, the young entrepreneur who co-inspired the popular LRG clothing line, which combined all the best looks from the skateboarding, surfing, punk, and hip hop subcultures. Celebrities like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have been seen sporting the label.

This heartbreaking news leaves an enormous hole in the street fashion world, yes; however, his death, no doubt, leaves an even vaster hole for his big family, including a young son.


If you've ever read or watched an interview with Jonas Bevacqua, you know this is one inspired and passionate man who believed wholeheartedly in his creative work. He put a lot of heart and soul into his company and aimed to lift up and elevate youth and bring culture and diversity to his designs.

WATCH this video of Jonas Bevacqua talking about LRG:

The LRG company website shared the following dedication today:

Jonas was a star who burned brightly in the sky and who is gone far too soon. There is a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. He will always be loved and missed by his friends, family, and all those he inspired.

Not only did Bevacqua seem to take great pride in his company and designs, but he also came across as devoted family guy. He speaks very highly of his mom and dad, who adopted him and seven other kids from varying cultural backgrounds and raised them in one big culturally diverse family. But if this news can get any more sad, Bevacqua also left behind a fiance and a young son.

Authorities are looking into the cause of death, as there were no obvious signs as to what may have killed Bevacqua when his lifeless body was found yesterday in his home.

Our hearts go out to Bevacqua's son, fiance, parents and seven siblings. We know your grief must be great.

Were you a fan of Jonas Bevacqua or his LRG line?


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