How's Your Bikini Body?

how to get bikini bodySummer is here, ladies! In case you didn't get the memo from the blazing sun, you most likely smelled the burning meat and tasted a frosty beer yesterday to clue you in to the fact that it's time to get your bikini body ready. Ready for what, you may ask? Well, ready for public consumption because you know EVERYONE will be looking. 

Except they totally won't, because "everyone" is more concerned with their own imperfections, constantly highlighted by the cover of Star magazine. Your bikini body is perfect the way it is. Yes, yours!


While I haven't found a bikini I feel comfortable in just yet (admittedly, I haven't looked too hard), I've seen enough people around the pool and the beach to know that no one will care if I have a stray hair or an extra hang down over the hipster cut.

It's true, like they say on Jezebel, that these images of celebrities and their bikini bodies are sending a message to women that our bodies are on display for the enjoyment of others. But, with the exception of total assholes, no one is judging you at the beach. And why would you care what "The Situation" had to say about your ass, anyway?

So go out in whatever swim wear you're comfortable wearing. Honestly, no one will care. Well, you will, but if you can take that first step onto the sand without fear -- your whole summer will be golden.

Will you be sporting a bikini this year?

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