6 Ways to Fight Off the Sun’s Rays in Style

mott 50 tunicMany of us got a taste of it this Memorial Day Weekend – that searing, my-skin-is-broiling-like-a-kebab heat. It’s coming, you guys, faster than a 10-year-old on a Razor scooter all jacked up on Mountain Dew, and I for one am arming myself silly. Non-toxic sunscreen, ginormous hats – basically anything short of a UV ray-reflecting hamster ball.

I’d be all for stocking up on clothing with SPF, but until now, most lines have concentrated on function, not form. Which means you’ll most likely be safe at the beach, but you won’t look remotely cute doing it. “Outdoorsy” and “plain” come to mind whenever I browse lines that incorporate SPF protection – two  adjectives I would never use to describe anything in my closet.

Luckily, it seems as though SPF clothing is taking a turn for the fashionable. Here are some pieces you won’t be embarrassed to wear to your next sunny social event.


athleta spf skirt
This flared skirt by Athleta ($59) rocks a 50+ SPF, and it's sweat & wrinkle resistant (in more ways than one!). Somehow I always end up in the one non-umbrella-shaded spot at brunch, so the only thing I'd have to worry about getting burnt is my toast.

coolibar tunic
I love anything with a hood. Maybe it's because they make me feel like I'm in a dance movie, a-la "Save the Last Dance." Whatever the reason, this hoodie dress from Coolibar ($68) would look as cute playing tennis as it would at a BBQ.

REI pants

Oh, REI pants ($65.50), how do I love thee? Let me name the ways: your flat-front, straight-leg cut; your wear-with-anything hue; your UV ray-blocking fabric; your discreet buttons at the knee to allow for instant capris.

uniqlo spf
The best thing about Uniqlo's new SPF-infused clothing line is -- besides the health benefits and the totaly wearable style -- the price tag. Everything from the crisp, button-down tops to the cotton, cropped trousers are less than $30.

exoffico top
It's the subtle details of this three-quarter-length top by Exofficio ($19.93 on sale!) that separate it from the drabbier SPF top offerings. Throw on some shorts and cute sandals and you're good to go -- don't forget to sunscreen that v-neck-exposed skin!

mott 50 tunic
This colorful tunic by Mott 50 says "I can't make it to your dog's birthday party, I'm at The Vineyard this week. Sorryyy!" But I'll settle for the kiddie pool in the neighbor's backyard.

Images via Mott 50; Athleta; Coolibar; REI; Exofficio; and Uniqlo

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