You Want Old-Style Hollywood Hair? You Got It!

Veronica LakeI always went for the Veronica Lake look as a teenager, but I could never quite get my hair as smooth and wavy as hers was.

(And incidentally, while I think Ms. Lake looks devastatingly sexy in this photo, my 4-year-old son just asked me why she was wearing a crocodile suit. Go figure.)

Anyway, I just caught THE BEST video tutorial on how to get this Veronica Lake/long hair Marcel wave-style look that lots of celebrities have been sporting on the red carpet lately.

It's a bit time consuming, but it actually looks easy enough that I feel confident I could do it myself for a special occasion!

Click through to see it!


Here's the tutorial, from the Telegraph:

See what I mean? Easy as peasy!

I mean, sure the curling iron part is time-consuming, but I've totally done that before for extra-special date nights -- I've just never gone on to brush it all into one overarching series of waves.

I can't wait to try this one! I'll take pictures when I do and show you whether I was able to pull it off.

Are you likely to try this hairstyle?


Image via Pierre Tourigny/Flickr

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