'People' StyleWatch Instant Makeover Gadget Is the Ultimate Time Suck

People.comOMG, I totally dyed my hair blond, y'all!

Just kidding, LOLZ. I tried out People StyleWatch's Instant Makeover gadget and I AM HOOKED.

Click through to see all the stars' hairstyles I tried, from Rihanna to Carey Mulligan, and tell me which one you like the best!



I was pleasantly surprised by Rachel McAdams' blonde hairdo. Maybe if I ever become a stripper ...



I look as much like the Bride of Frankenstein as Sarah Jessica Parker did in this ill-fated hairdon't!



The surprise of the session -- I might actually look kinda cute with a messy pixie cut! I had always thought of this cut as an impossibility with my face shape ...


Heh. Moving on ...



Gwen Stefani's hairstyle is kinda cute. It's exactly the look I would choose if I were playing a ditzy flapper in some frothy community theater musical.


PeopleWhy Wills didn't pursue ME, I'll never know ....

Which look is your favorite? Will you try the Instant Makeover?

Screengrabs via People

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