6 Fabulous Mommy Necklaces Under $25

Do you have a mommy necklace?  You know, the necklace, usually silver with a small circle with your child's initial or a little diamond-crusted letter pendant. I've seen some with small little birds or a nest of eggs (often made of pearls), one for each kiddo. The mommy necklace: an everyday piece of jewelry a mama wears to be close to her kiddos.

Kiddo is 4 and I am still searching for my mommy necklace. It's not that I haven't seen ones that I like. I should just chalk it up to shopping ADD, my mega indecisiveness, too many choices that paralyze my choice-making, all of the above. But I really want one. These days, as with everyone, money is tight in the abode, so I gave myself some limits: under $25. Where to look? Etsy, with all of the cool designers under one roof, er, website. Boy, was I surprised how many fabulous, totally cool necklaces I found. Ugh! So many choices! I still don't know which one to buy...


mommy necklace

I dig this one from Mama Beth Bling because of its shape (square) and color (cooper). It is slightly domed and you can fit up to 8 characters on each line or just have a large initial stamped on it. Comes with a sterling chain and only costs $24! 


mommy necklace

Keys are so in, so hot, uber-trendy, but really, they are a classic way to go. This shows two key pendants, but you can order only one with your kiddo's initial on the bottom. Not the typical mini circle, and everyone will know who carries the key to your heart ... okay, yeah, that was really cliche, but I couldn't help it. It's $20 by Leksi Designs.


If you want to make a little more of a statement, this dog tag pendant necklace is for you. It is lighter and smaller than real dog tags (clocks in at 2 inches), and the 30-inch chain that comes with it can be snipped and adjusted to however long you want it to be. Little Missy Kate sells it for dads for $15.00 (for you with more than one kiddo, an additional tag is only $2), but this mama loves it.


I love Scrabble. For the wordy mom in your life, this game tile pendant earns you at least a triple word score. Again, different than the regular initial pendant, it's a little more casual, has a bit more whimsy. It comes with a 24-inch chain and is only $20.00 from XO Handworks.


Instead of letters, why not numbers? Have your kid's birth date stamped onto the 1-inch slim rectangular silver pendant ... any which way you want -- vertically or horizontally. Genuine Article has it for $24, with an 18-inch chain. Classy, cool, simple. I've never seen this on anyone, but I'm totally jonesing to see it on moi.


Think outside the jewelry box, folks. Forget silver. No need for gold. I'm talking leather. This groovy mommy necklace has three small strips that can be any length, all the same or varied. Put names, dates, whatever you want. With a 22-inch chain, I guarantee this will have moms at the playground asking you where you got it. Tell them Of The Fountain for $20.45 ... and watch their jaws drop.

Do you have a mommy necklace?


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