The Easy, Breezy Beach Dress: A Summer Staple

Lindsay Ferrier
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BodenThe beach dress.

You may think it's meant only for the seaside and swimming pool, but what you really need to know is that "beach dress" means two things:

It's cheaper.

It's machine washable.

Are you in? I am!

Beach dresses can be a summer staple for moms. They're cooler than a t-shirt and shorts or pants and you can do almost anything in them.

Boden always has lovely beach dresses in stock, like this Breezy Beach Dress (Boden, $88) -- and yes, that's a "cheaper" dress for Boden -- but there are plenty more to choose from at even better prices.

Click through to see some of my faves.


I totally covet this Trapeze Beach Dress (ASOS, $25.85), which comes in yellow and coral.


KohlsAnd I'm equally smitten by this Embroidered Cover-up Dress (Kohl's, $33.60).


AthletaThis Balsa Burnout Dress (Athleta, $39.99 on sale) is so cute and a great price!


Macy'sAnd this Tommy Hilfiger beach dress (Macy's, $69.50) is adorable.


BodenI'm also loving this Beach Shirt Dress (Boden, $98). Dig that matching luggage!


NordstromFinally, how can you not love this Betsey Johnson Beach Dress (Nordstrom, $56.90 on sale)? Too cute!

Do you make use of the beach dress as an everyday summer look?


Images (top to bottom): Boden, ASOS, Kohl's, Athleta, Macy's, Boden, Nordstrom

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