Hot Trend: Lace Necklaces

Malin CollectionI first spotted a Malin Collection necklace on Selena Gomez in Teen Vogue. Her hot pink necklace had the appearance of ornate lacework, and dressed up a plain purple shift.

I immediately went to the Malin Collection site and fell in love with its Lace Collection necklaces. They're totally different from anything you'll see in the stores right now and they will definitely get you noticed.

Click through to see more of these  necklaces and find out how to get your hands on one!



The necklace pictured above is available for$105 from Malin Collection's website.

Malin Collection

This pretty red necklace is also $105.


Malin CollectionAnd I'm frankly obsessed with this gorgeous bib necklace (Malin Collection, $125).

Are the prices too steep for you? Check out these Etsy lookalikes:


EtsyThis Victorian Lace Choker is just $16.50.


EtsyThis lace collar necklace is cute, and just $21.30.


EtsyAnd I love this From the Archives Necklace (Etsy, $34).

It's also tempting to visit a fabric store and attempt to do this look entirely on your own ...

Whatever you decide, I'M LOVING THIS LOOK.

How about you?


Images via Malin Collection and Etsy





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