Is Kirstie Alley REALLY a Size Six Now? And Does It Matter?

Kirstie AlleyKirstie Alley is making celebrity headlines after claiming that Dancing with the Stars has taken her from a size 12 down to a size 6.

Let's get something straight right off the top. Kirstie looks great. As far as I'm concerned, she could stay the way she is right now forever and look perfectly healthy and HOT.

That said, I believe that this woman is no size six.

And I have no idea why she is telling people that she is.

What do you think?


This is not just some claim Kirstie made that I read in one magazine. It's currently prominently featured in every single story I've seen about her over the last few weeks- and there have been many. KIRSTIE ALLEY DROPPED FROM A SIZE 12 TO A SIZE SIX! A YEAR AGO, KIRSTIE ALLEY WEIGHED 250 POUNDS AND TODAY SHE'S A SIZE SIX!

Maybe what irritates me about these claims is that I've been trying very hard to conquer my own size issues, along with many other women I know. Kirstie, you've lost a lot of weight! There's no need to tell people you wear a lower size than you really do! There's no need to bring dress size into it at all! Be proud of the way you look and don't put a size on it!

Or maybe it's that I don't want all the young women who truly do wear a size six to look at Kirstie's photos and claims in the magazines and think that must mean they need to drop to a two. That thought horrifies me.

From the photos I've seen, I would guess Kirstie is a 10. Eight on a very good day. And there's NOTHING wrong with those sizes. In fact, many, many, many women would DEARLY LOVE to be one of those sizes.

So why is Kirstie (according to my mind) totally fibbing about her own size?

In fairness, she has qualified her size six claims by stating that it is a "stretchy size six."

Ahhhhh. NOW it all makes sense.

Because if we're talking STRETCHY, then I can wear a size two!

I guess that's what I should tell people now. "I'm a stretchy size two!"

What do you think about all this? Is she truly a size six? And does it bother you that she's telling the press she is?


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