6 Non-Embarrassing Ways to Wear Cartoons

hello kittyI had to buy some Hello Kitty pjs. For a party. It was a pajama party, and Kiddo wanted me to go in Hello Kitty pjs too, just like her. What can I say? I caved. I bought some, going against every fiber of my style-being as I am a firm believer that cartoon-wear, you know, those character t-shirts, a) belong only on kids 18 and under, and b) if they must be worn by adults, only within the confines of the respective theme park. It screams you're just wanting someone to come up and ask you about your trip to Disney World ... or that you haven't done laundry in three weeks and it's the only clean shirt you have.

But, while looking around for some Hello Kitty pjs, I had a change of heart. I was wrong. Yup, I'm admitting it. I found some amazingly cool cartoon shirts (and yes, a pair of Hello Kitty pjs) no one would be embarrassed to wear.


alice in wonderland

Alice isn't a princess, but she has a big following with the kiddos. I mean, she goes to Wonderland! You can pay homage to Alice and that little white, though tardy, friend of hers. On the back, in cool script, reads, "I'm Late for a Very Important Date." Cool with just enough toon without mega-toon overload. It's $18 from StylinOnline.


cinderella shirt

Now for all of you moms dealing with princesses 24/7, this is the shirt for you. Nothing too big, nothing too "in your royal face." An outline of Cinderella's glass slipper, the "She lived happily ever after" note, the v-neck that makes it less classic t-shirt-y -- together, a great way to be a part of the princess world without totally heading to the dark side. From the Disney store, it's $16.50-$18.50.

mickey mouse club

Pretend like you have had this shirt forever. With the vintage feel and faded logo, you could fool people and tell them you were in the club with Britney, Christina, and Justin. The hipster-y feel lets you rock this t-shirt at the park ... while the other moms wonder where you got it. Snatch it from Amazon for $32.


Tinkerbell is one of my faves. If you have to wear a cartoon, this is the way to go. A black-and-white sketch of a feisty Tink is a nice alternative, a non-sugary-sweet option to others I have seen. It's $14.99 from AnimationShop.

hello kitty

Wear a cartoon without wearing the cartoon with this one. A statement, literally, of your Hello Kitty love and a nice, witty nod to her with her iconic red bow. Cool cartoon-wear right here, ladies. $26 from StylinOnline.


hello kitty pjs

And here are my Hello Kitty pajamas. So cool, right? The top is a little longer, so it looks like I'm wearing a necklace with Hello Kitty pendants. The pants are in a slimmer fit, cropped and stretchy for comfort. Not the usual cutesy pajama set, it's perfect for Mama. Grab it for $20 from KarmaLoop.

Do you wear cartoon shirts?


Image via StylinOnline

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