Cleaning Lady Couture Is Latest Weird Fashion Craze

french maid vogueWhenever you're out in public, you're bound to see loads of people making some interesting fashion choices. Sure, certain fad items come in and out of style -- but sometimes, they're just plain silly.

Recently, Vogue Italia featured a spread of "maid" fashion, showing women ways to obtain the housemaid look. OK, French maid could be cute when you're role playing, but if I didn't know any better, I'd think that they are trying to capitalize on some recent scandals (ahem, I'm talking to you both, Mr. IMF and Aaaaaaarnold).

The fact that maid clothing is a trend is weird as it is. Really, when put together -- the outfits are completely impractical! Who would be caught dead in the grocery store looking like a French maid? Not me!

But I will say this: If you've got to hop on the latest thing, then you may as well pick a few key pieces that work with the rest of your closet. Let's see how we can make this really wacky trend work for the everyday woman, shall we?



This Go Silk, Ribbon Detail Blouse ($49 on sale, Neiman Marcus) could look darling with a pair of skinny jeans and cute flats.

If only money grew on trees. This stylish Bulgari Handbag ($1,900, will match almost everything in your closet.

marc jacobs patent leather shoe

I present you with the perfect flat. With just a little bit of added wedge, these Marc Jacobs shoes ($187.36, are a great staple.

michael kors white peasant shirt

This white peasant shirt from Michael Kors ($54, is a perfect summer top!

Like I said, wearing all of these pieces together and/or with an apron accessory, like seen here, is just too much. If you cave in to fashion pressures, you'll be left with a closet full of bad, out-of-style pieces. Work these cute pieces in individually and you'll be dressed for success, not to tackle your bedroom with a feather duster.

What do you think about "maid inspired' trends?

Image via cauchisavona/Flickr

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