DIY Louboutins Are Still Ugly

diy louboutinsHow many of you own a pair of Louboutins? I can't see you, raise your hands higher. Oh, one of you? Well that's great because I'm about to bash the "it" shoe of the decade, and I'd like to get you all on my team. Can we all say it together: What's so special about a red sole on your shoe?

A pump is a pump is a boring-ass pump. Throw a higher heel on it, and it's still just a platform. Why should I pay $900 for a pair of shoes because someone painted the bottom red?

Obviously, this gal thought the same thing because she's DIY'ing some soles and turning them into shoes that are exactly as attractive as the super-fancy Louboutins. Which is to say, not at all attractive. But I do think 16-year-old Tara Haughton is on to something. Now if Haughton could start knocking off some truly original -- and expensive -- shoes, that would be a feet feat.

Whaddya say, Tara? Take a stab at these.


diy knock off designer shoesJohn Fluevog Attention Paris Heel

I could wear Fluevogs every single day. If they weren't so danged expensive, that is. This pair of leather and faux-exotic ostrich in pink heels ($235) are runway ready. Get to it, Tara! Mama needs a new pair of faux-ostrich pumps.

diy knock off designer shoesAlexander McQueen Studded Platform Pump

If you're going famous designer, don't you want it to have some "umph"? Something that says, "Hey, look! I just spent almost a thousand bucks on these crazy looking pumps that were designed by a brilliant yet nutso person!" I do. So that's why it would be rad if someone could knock off these studded platform pumps ($965). I have to pay the rent, after all.

diy knock off designer shoesBruno Magli Lexy Taupe Combo

Most famously known as the choice for accused murderer O.J. Simpson, Bruno Magli also makes some nice kicks for the ladies. Now if only someone would make a fake pair of these Lexy Taupe combo heels ($288), I wouldn't have to save up my pennies to get some styling shoes that also appeal to jealous, murdering ex-husbands.

What shoes would you most like to see as knock-offs?

Images (top to bottom): Christian Louboutin, John Fluevog, Zappos, Zappos

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