Lady Gaga 'Rolling Stone' Cover Serves as Warning

lady gaga hair style don'tsHold on to your hair, Little Monsters, Ms. Gaga is back on the cover of Rolling Stone this week, and -- no surprise here -- she looks crazy! Now, I love Lady's theatrical looks, so this isn't an indictment of the over-the-top, see-through, sparkly, and spiky things. It's more of a statement about what's out: The Lady Gaga hair bow.

Clearly she's a victim of her own success. I think making a bow out of your own hair is now passe. You've been there and done that, Ms. Gaga, and it's time to move on. Before you and your stylist get too clever, though, here are some other things you should avoid in the way of the hairy hairstyles.

You are welcome.




lady gaga hair style don'tsThe Princess Beatrice

Everyone's favorite look to hate, Princess Beatrice's royal wedding attire launched a thousand memes. But don't fall into the popularity trap, Gaga. Although I'd love to see someone attempt this on actual human hair, it might burn my eyes to look upon it.

lady gaga hair style don'tsGrammy Award

Sure, she's deserving of the music biz's top honor, but there's no need to turn anyone's hair into the iconic image.

hair style don'tsWoodland Creatures

Also out, even if cute. Especially out to re-create on your head. (Feel free to take this advice too, hipsters.)

lady gaga hair style don'tsDonald Trump

Donald Trump and "hair" usually don't go together when you're talking style dos. Also, we just don't need to see him ever again, ever. In hair, or in the flesh.

Are you over this hair -- hairstyle?

Images (top to bottom): Rolling Stone, eBay, Grammy, fuzzcat/Flickr, NBC

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