Kate Middleton's Hot Reiss Dress Isn't Worth Your Money

kate middletonDid you see Kate Middleton chatting with Michelle Obama the other day? No competition between the two. Kate. Shut. It. Down. (Pippa who?) A camel-colored shift dress from her favorite label, Reiss ($340), coupled with her sun-kissed glow and flowing locks. Killed it, I say! And apparently others do, too, because within hours of gracing the world with her style, the website for the UK retailer shut down.

Unprepared for such "unprecedented traffic," Reiss took to their Twitter page to explain the annoyance:

Due to unprecedented demand, Shola [the dress] mania has crashed our website! We are endeavouring to bring the Reiss brand back to you ASAP!

Of course, it's a good problem for Reiss to have, customers clamoring to buy them out of store and shop, but do these customers realize that just because they buy the dress, it doesn't mean they're going to look like Kate?


Look, I love Kate just as much as the next girl, but these ladies are out of control. They're going crazy. The Reiss website actually shut down twice that day. The second time, Reiss got sassy, saying:

Oooops! Website has crashed again, you guys are obviously very determined to get your hands on this dress! Bear with us...

And this obviously isn't the first time Kate has caused a beauty and fashion frenzy. We all know how her navy blue wrap dress (that she wore for her engagement) sold out -- even the knock-offs! The perfume she allegedly wore to her wedding even caused a sweet-smelling uproar!

I think Kate is a beautiful and classy woman with great style. I love looking at her and what she's wearing. But that doesn't mean I'm going to buy her perfume without smelling it first (most of the perfume sales were online). Or order her dress without trying it on! She's 5'10" and weighs about four pounds. Do all these girls really think the Shola is going to look the same on them as it does on her?

Relax, ladies. Style is what you make it. And what works for Kate doesn't necessarily work for you. Unless you're her body double. If you like the classy, fitted clothes that she wears, try something similar, not exact. And Reiss, get a better IT Department.

Would you buy something Kate wore just because she wore it?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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