Heidi Klum Debuts New Lifestyle Site and I'm Annoyed

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum has a much-anticipated new lifestyle site now on AOL and something about it makes me ... squeamish.


It's not the fashion advice, which I actually love -- even though Heidi Klum's style is definitely not my own.

Her staff has been taking a photo of her each day for the site and posting it, along with knockoff looks for (much, MUCH) less. That's smart and inspiring.

No, I'll take Heidi's fashion advice. After all, she's a major model AND the host of Project Runway, one of my favorite shows.

I think what really gives this site the ICK factor for me is that she also plans to feature parenting and relationship advice.

Ummmm, Heidi.

No offense, but your parenting experience is not the average parent's experience. What exactly are you planning to tell us? How to hire multiple nannies? How to deal with your children's constant jet lag? How to get your infant red carpet ready?


As far as parenting advice goes, thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of parents who are completely DEVOTED to being parents that I draw inspiration from on a regular basis. Nie Nie is someone whose mission in life is to be a great mom, and her posts have made ME a better mom. Heidi Klum? I'm sure she's a fine mother and loves her kids, but I don't really want to hear parenting advice from someone whose lifestyle is not conducive to ... parenting.

The same goes with relationships. She's married to Seal, who seems very nice. But their life together is one of photo ops and jetsetting. If my husband catapults to worldwide fame overnight, I might have a few relationship questions for Ms. Klum.

Otherwise, frankly, she can keep her relationship advice to herself.

I don't mean this to sound mean-spirited, but I get very tired of seeing celebrities use their fame as an attempt to become the next Oprah Winfrey, doling out their "advice" to the drooling masses. Do they really think we're that clueless?

Heidi? Stick with fashion and beauty tips. It's a perfect fit for you!

What do you think of Heidi's new site?


Image via Heidi Klum

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