Kate Middleton vs. Michelle Obama: Whose Style Reigns Supreme?

kate middleton michelle obamaAs the Obamas kicked off a two-day visit of London this morning, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met face-to-face with newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton (AKA the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge). Michelle tends to almost always look super polished and pulled together. But put her next to newlywed Kate Middleton, and well, hmm ... she's definitely got competition.

Not saying both women didn't look lovely -- there's just something about Princess Catherine that is off-the-charts magnetic. Maybe it's that post-honeymoon in Seychelles glow? Here, a style face-off to determine who truly looked best ...


The Outfits: Michelle wore a pale green, embroidered dress by Barbara Tfank paired with a cropped pink jacket, silver kitten heels, and a brooch. Meanwhile, the Duchess wore a Reiss geometric-cut bandage sheath called "Shola."

The Most Affordable Outfit: The Duchess's gorgeous dress retails for approximately $283 (or £175). Meanwhile, the FLotUS's Tfank frock is likely somewhere in the ballpark of $2,100+.

Winner: Hands down, the Duchess.

The Best Makeup: It seems that the Duchess was going for a very muted, nude effect, because when you've just come back from a 10-day tropical honeymoon, who needs bronzer? Maaaaaybe just a little lip gloss. On the other hand, the First Lady went for a glowy rosy lipstick that lit up her face when she smiled and amazing mascara that made her eyes pop.

Winner: The First Lady made the biggest impression in this category, definitely.

The Best Accessories: The ring! The ring! I'm sorry, but how on earth could Michelle compete with the famous sapphire bling on Catherine's finger? There's no way. Plus, that statement gold necklace and a black clutch from Anya Hindmarch‘s Bespoke Collection were just stunning.

Winner: The Duchess.

The Best Dress: The First Lady seemed to be channeling her inner Betty Draper. The Tfank was very chic and spring/daytime-appropriate, but I'm just more in love with the simple elegance of that beige sheath on the Duchess.

Winner: The Duchess.

The Best Shoes: Simple black pumps were the way to go with the dreamy Reiss dress, but I definitely dig Michelle's pop of metallic in those kitten heels.

Winner: The First Lady.

So, we've got Duchess: 3, First Lady: 2. Seems like Britain has won this fashion battle. But since the first couple will be across the pond for at least another 24 hours, the First Lady certainly will have a couple more opportunities to upstage the royal bride.

Who do you think won the best-dressed duel -- Kate or Michelle?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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