‘Vajazzling’ & Other Beauty Terms We’d Like to Permanently Remove

shocked girlSometimes, it's hard to take fashion and beauty seriously. I mean, we have Lady Gaga wearing penis shoes. Women getting bird poop facials. And Princess Beatrice wearing a hat that makes her look like Medusa.

It's not so much the kooky trends that bother us -- it's easy to laugh those off -- as the crazy terminology that seems to have invaded the beauty and fashion scene in recent years. Have you heard some of these ridiculous words? Are people actually serious when they use them? And why, in God's name, are some of them in the dictionary?!

Here are six beauty terms you'll never hear coming out of our mouths (at least not seriously). 


Tanorexic. We get the origin. "Tan" and "anorexic," clever. But, why are people taking an actual disease and pairing it with the word "tan" to describe someone who likes to lay in the sun a lot? (Don't you always think of "Magda" from There's Something About Mary when you hear this?) And why is the Oxford English Dictionary recognizing this nonsense as an actual, real word? Madness!

Manscaping. Ugh. It sounds so ... gross. (And, actually, it is.) The only thing that comes to mind when we hear the word "manscaping" is a white-coated woman constructing little topiaries and shrubs, Edward Scissorhands-style, on a dude's ... nether region.

Vajazzling. It's hard to tell what's worse, the actual thing itself or the name of the thing? If you happen to be one of the special ladies who's tried out this trend, we'd love to know: Did you feel silly walking into the salon and asking for something that combines an '80s children's toy with the word "vagina"? (And how did it come out?!)

Pejazzling. Are you seeing a trend here? The male version of vajazzling is just is as off-the-wall as its female counterpart.

Bare Floor. It's what the kids these days are using to describe a completely waxed va-jay-jay. This is not to be confused with the "Landing Strip."

Vatooing. Ugh. This is worse than vajazzling. Yes, you guessed right -- it's tattooing your lady part. If you must do this, what is wrong with just saying, "I'm tattooing my vagina!"? Must we constantly combine two words in order to make one stupid one?! Sheesh.

What other terms have we left out?


Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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