5 Ways to Wear White After Memorial Day

summer memorial day outfitsSummer is seriously coming everybody, no matter what it looks like outside your window. While many of you may be dreaming of backyard barbecues and days spent at the pool, other, more proper folks are fantasizing about being able to step out in white for the first time since Labor Day '10. For all of you rule-followers, you're in luck. Apparently every single retail store got the memo about that whole "white" thing and they are stocking up.

But how does one negotiate the racks of boring tees without getting distracted by the impractical white leather jacket? Never fear, we're here to sort out the good from the bad and, of course, from the really fugly.


Here are five great looks in white to bust out after Memorial Day.

summer memorial day outfitsThe Dress

Weekend at the summer house? Pack this cotton 3/4 sleeve dress ($158) from J.Crew to go from lunch to cocktails. Loving that lace touch that helps distinguish the dress from the other off-the-rack options.

summer memorial day outfitsYes, Skinny Jeans Are Still Here

And they're flattering, so get yourself some! Try a pair with a "bleach blue" tint so you're not going full-on white (even though it's totally acceptable to do so). This skinny pair from The Gap ($69.95) can be paired with a rock tee or a silk top -- depending on the fab summer activity you've got on deck.

summer memorial day outfitsBag o' Fun

Of course Anthropologie has the perfect summer bag ($168) for your adventures. The woven exterior allows a peek-a-boo effect, but no one will know how much sunscreen you've got stashed in this carry-all.

summer memorial day outfitsDon't Go Out Without a Hat!

Especially this retro floppy hat ($65) that's been handmade and is therefore a guaranteed stand-out in the crowd. Shield your skin and look like a supermodel while doing so.


summer memorial day outfitsSassy Sandals

Summer fun requires great kicks. These softspot wedges ($59) will take you all the way into Labor Day, then you've got shelve 'em until next May.

Now you're ready for fashionable summer fun-ing. Just don't wear these all together at once or risk the wrath of the fashion police.

What's your summer must-have?


Top image via anyjazz65/Flickr

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