Carlashes: Because Your Car Deserves to Be Cute, Too

Car Lashes

Who says guys have to get all the best car accessories?

With Carlashes, your car can be just as darling as you are!

Click through to see the hilarious photos, and find out how to order some for your own ride.


Car LashesFor just $26.99, you can purchase a set of eyelashes for your very own car, giving it all the personality of a ... car with eyelashes!



Car LashesCrystal eyeliner is sold separately, for $19.99. But isn't your car worth it, ladies???


Car Lashes

Carlashes' makers promise that these lashes will withstand both the car-wash and the freeway. They also say the bonding tape won't harm your car's paint job.


Driving has never been so fun for a girl ...

What do you think of Carlashes? Want some?


Images via Carlashes

Thanks to reader Karen for the tip!

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