The Kardashians & OPI: A Match Made in Mani-Pedi Heaven?

kardashiansSeems that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian aren't satisfied having multiple DASH stores, Sketchers, weight-loss pills, perfumes, yadayada. They're constantly looking for a new venture, and today, Kim announced that next up, they'll be peddling OPI nail polish inspired by ... themselves! Specifically, they'll be collaborating with the company's lower price point line, Nicole by OPI.

Kim tweeted the news, gushing that the polishes will be full of "glitz and glam!"

Oh, man. I don't know about you, but I for one cannot wait to walk into my mani-pedi spot and see that OPI display flaunting various hues of "krazy" colors. Each is sure to be given a "kutesy" name that will no doubt begin with a "K." Like Kute Ass Aubergine and Keep Your Klaws Off Kris.


You know what I'm talkin' bout! OPI polishes always have the darnedest names, and most of the time, they're actually charming. I enjoy painting my toes My Chihuahua Bites or It's Totally Fort Worth It. But for some reason, I'm thinking the names in the Kardashian line will be at least a wee bit irritating.

Nonetheless, the K ladies are always gettin' their nails done, so it's no surprise that they have a lot of confidence with this particular product line. They're at the nail salon so frequently, they're pretty well-versed on their cuticle oils and top coats! Kim even tweeted to fans, "You guys are gonna faint when u see our new polish!" I'd rather my nail polish didn't knock me out, but thanks all the same, KK.

Are you psyched to see what the Kardashian nail polish looks like? Would you get a Kardashian-inspired mani-pedi?

Image via E!

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