P. Diddy Changes Name Again & It's a Fashion Don't

P. DiddyWhy would a bazillionaire celeb who can buy anything he wants choose to name himself after complimentary hand-outs?

Just when you got used to calling P. Diddy by his latest name (Diddy Dirty Money? King Combs? Puffy the Magic Dragon? I can't remember), the indecisive music biz mogul has changed his title yet again, this time to "Swag." Yep. Swag. As in the free stuff celebs get in goody bags after awards ceremonies. Is it now "All About Saving the Benjamins"?


See, if I was Sean Combs (the female version, anyway) and I could change my name whenever I felt like it, I think I'd just go ahead and pick a moniker that reflected my demi-god style status. Why not? 

These would be my top 10 choices:

  1. Lady Bling-a-ling
  2. Be-dazzled Bee-yotch
  3. Haute Mama
  4. Rhinestone Cowgirl
  5. Money Honey
  6. Solid Gold
  7. Platinum Diva
  8. Burberry Baby
  9. Posh Spice (oh wait, that one is taken)
  10. Diamond Dentures (for the Golden Years)

Oh, and by the way, "Swag" is also short for "swagger," but that doesn't change the fact that everybody's first association with the word will be free watches and sample hair care products.

I should also mention that Sir Sean is only changing his name to Swag for a week. It's a symbolic thing, in honor of his transition from having the flu to not having the flu. (No, I'm not kidding.)

What would you re-name yourself if you could?


Image via highlimitzz/Flickr

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