5 Stylish Tops Designed Specifically to Hide Batwings

batwing coverup
Batwing Cover-up = Cute Arm Flab Camo
Who else isn't ready for summer yet? Though it was on my New Year's Resolution list, "Get in better shape" fell by the wayside with "Learn how to say 'Have a Good Day' in Finnish" and "Meditate every day" -- none of them happened. For those of you like me, with a major batwing underarm situation, just nod.

No matter how many curls and tricep dips I do, it's there. With warmer temperatures, short sleeves or sleeveless tops are a must or else you risk a trip to Upper Lip Sweatyville. How do you stay cool, look cute, but avoid underarm flap-waving? I have your solution: the cool, flowy sleeve. Some short, some longer, the "batwing sleeve" hides that area, yet keeps you cool with its loose cut. Seriously, these tops can look good on anyone.


batwing top

First up, this groovy silk top from Nordstrom totally rocks the '70s retro trend that is everywhere these days. The batwing sleeves keep you cool without any tight short sleeve cuffs pinching your arms. Silk and comfy, this one is $59.97.


batwing sweater

For when you want the look of a tank top, but don't want to have your turkey neck triceps flapping every which way, this sheer striped top (also from Nordstrom) is your answer. Casual yet far from sloppy, it comes in three colors and only costs $25.90.


batwig dress

I love this look. Nothing is easier than tossing on a dress -- one piece of clothing and you are done. The batwings not only provide excellent flab coverage, they give an interesting silhouette to the basic shift dress. Dress it up, dress it down, you cannot screw this one up. It's $140 from Neiman Marcus.


batwing top

Ideal for the WOHM ... or really any mom that has an acronym (that's all of us, ladies). This silk top has batwings and a mandarin collar. With a hem that is longer in the back, you can pair this with black pants for work, sassy jeans for date night, or cute capris for weekend brunch with the kiddos. Snatch it from Nordstrom for $139.90.

batwing coverup

And last, where do we want to cover up the most? The beach. This beach cover-up does its job by covering everything but keeping you cool with its somewhat sheer fabric. The batwings add a flowy style that is elegant yet functional, Mama's number one priority. Find it at Lord & Taylor for $42.

Do you have summer wardrobe tricks to hide problem areas?

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