'Real Housewife' Reveals a Very Unreal Hair Care Tip (VIDEO)

kelly benismonLet us all listen to Kelly Bensimon teach us how to care for our hair -- with vodka. And olive oil. And salt. And lemon juice. (The treatment apparently works better with Skinnygirl Margarita, but Bensimon wouldn't dare touch that $120 million cocktail.) The "housewife" stayed in on a Friday night and decided to make a "hair cocktail" instead of having a "fun cocktail." What have I learned after watching the video? Nothing.

The minute-and-a-half YouTube video begins with Kelly blabbering on about how fried her hair is, then segues into her pouring a hefty shot of Grey Goose into a bowl, and it ends with her dipping the tips of her hair into the salad dressing mixture. How'd yo hair come out, girl? What kind of beauty video is this?


Isn't the point of an uploaded do-it-yourself video to see the before and after (as well as the during)? Otherwise, Kelly could have just Tweeted this. How about: "Gr8 Hair Remedy: Olive oil, salt, lemon juice, vodka." See? We didn't need a video. And why not just use a good old-fashioned deep conditioner or hair mask? Why do celebs always have to get all avant-garde with their hair and skin tips?

I mean, here we have Kelly dousing her locks with an alcohol I can't afford to order at bars ("Um, can I get that martini with Popov?"). Then there's Joan Rivers who actually sprays her armpits with vodka. And there's also Jessica Simpson who only washes her hair two to three times a month!

Can't any celebs keep it real with us? There's no way Kelly and Jessica have the hair they do from getting it drunk and keeping it dirty. Not buying it. Joan Rivers might avoid getting stinky by splashing vodka in her pits -- but only because her B.O. is probably masked by the stench of raging alcoholism.

Thanks, but no thanks, guys. I appreciate the "advice," but I think I'm going to stick with my Pantene and Lady Speed Stick.

Check out Kelly getting her hair hammered:

What weird beauty treatments have you tried?


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