The CString: I Tried It! (VIDEO)

C-StringI've noticed that the infamous CString is making the Internet rounds once again, after being showcased on The Doctors.

What's a CString, you ask?

Essentially, it's an underwire for your crotch.

You can wear it either as lingerie or, according to its makers, as a bikini.

(Good luck with not getting arrested should you choose to wear this on a public beach.)

Believe it or not, I bought a CString and tried it out for a beauty column ...

Want to know what I thought?

Keep reading!

Here's what I wrote for my beauty column in Her Nashville magazine about the c-string:

When the CString arrived, I have to admit, I was repulsed. The whole thing is basically a crotch underwire covered with cheap fabric, therefore it can only be hand washed. Ew. That night, I tried mine on while my husband was getting ready for bed. Then I took a look in the mirror.
People, I’ve done a lot of things for this column. I’ve worn a Snuggie in public. I’ve had hot wax applied in places I can’t even mention here. But I would not, could not let my husband see me in a CString. It was just too… stupid.
I can only imagine the looks on the faces of the women who receive their own CString for Christmas. Horror. Fear. Humiliation. The CString is a marriage-ender, people. And I doubt they take returns.
Not only was my CString humiliating, it was also incredibly uncomfortable. In fact, I can't believe this company is still in business.
Thanks to The Doctors, though, CString Direct is probably getting lots of new orders. Here's the segment from the show:



She said "rectal bacteria." Ew.

Moving on!

It's sharing time! Tell me if you'd wear a C-String, ladies ...


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TweetyK TweetyK


My first reaction... I laughed... What a waste of wire and cloth that has to be hand-washed! Yuk! So does that mean people have to buy a new one all the time. It looks like it hurts! Lol! Ok I m finished....

coron... coronado25

It looks like a pink maxi pad!

ajk808 ajk808

My first and only thought about this entire post is....that model needs to eat a freaking sandwich!!! G-ross!

momav... momavanessa

It looks so stupid and yeah it does look like a pink maxi pad.

StOp.... StOp.PaJaMaTiMe

underwire for your crotch? is it supposed to provide "support" like an underwire bra? prevent the dreaded cameltoe, maybe? i just don't see this catching on... 

nonmember avatar Jesse

...there isn't enough money in the world...Okay maybe all the money in the world but nothing less! What happens if falls off while you're walking or swimming? Obviously this wasn't made for people suffering from a deficit of butt.

knfisch knfisch

lmao!!! I saw that on the doctors! I'd try just about everything but heeeeelllllll no!!! I would never ever try that. I think I'd go blind if I saw myself in one of these things lol!! And as a bikini?!! WHAT!?! What kind of demented, whorish woman would wear this in public? I'd rather go naked than have a pad stuck in my crotch in public!!!

kisse... kisses5050

 My husband  nothing sexy about a Clamp


I just don't see the point of this thing!!

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