H&M Not Just for Skinnies Anymore

H&M big is beautifulI do love the H&M. The inexpensive Scandinavian clothes, the feeling that you're in some secret club when no one recognizes your trench as being from a mass retailer. It's lovely. But one problem I've always faced, as a woman with breasts, is that their size L in shirts and dresses isn't exactly booby-friendly. I wonder what happens when a woman who actually is large tries these shirts on, since I waver between a size 8 and 12, depending on the store. And while they do have a smattering of sizes above 8, they're usually items that lean more towards "retail store uniform" rather than "hippest thing on my block."

Which is why I have so much hope for the latest from H&M since they've gone and hired a (wait for it ...) plus-sized model!


Hooray! The beautiful Tara Lynn will replace Gisele Bundchen (but don't worry about her, she's got her flip-flop money) in the newest ads for the clothing retailer. And Tara looks H-O-T. A gorgeous size 16, Tara is making me want that jumpsuit in the picture above. This, after I've sworn off jumpsuits!

The stores will start carrying the trends in sizes 16 - 30, so ladies of all sizes can look more with-it and less Lane Bryant. For that, I give them a big, fat hand. Not all women come in sizes 0 - 8, but all women do want to look like they know what's happening. (Minimalists and my mother excepted.) Lynn talks about how hard it was for her to come to accept her body, and as part of H&M's Big Is Beautiful collection, she's showing us how amazing a size 16 can look. But we knew that already, right ladies?

What do you think about H&M's new ad campaign?


Image via H&M

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