Gisele Bundchen Flip-Flops More Powerful Than Yours

gisele bundchen flip flopHey everybody, the most powerful celebrity list is out! Are you on it? Well, of course not, because you don't make a gazillion dollars for doing wacky things. (Unless you do, then congratulations!) While Lady Gaga tops the list, just edging out Oprah, the beauty and style watchers are more honed in on those powerful supermodels.

First up is Gisele Bundchen, number 60 with a bullet, who shows us that you don't have to have a hit record or your own show that essentially changed the world -- you can just have a kick-ass pair of flip-flops.

That's right, sales of Gisele's Ipanema flip-flops help put this supermodel on the list with earnings of $45 million last year. That's a lot of beach shoes.


I actually thought Gisele was a stay-at-home mom, given all the parenting advice she doled out last year, but it seems the supermodel is selling Pantene in Brazil and getting paid in reals and euros. Which means shampoo and flip-flop profits go much further here in the U.S.A. Also, all that press -- negative or not -- surely helped up the supermodel's profile.

Good for you Gisele! It seems you don't have to keep wearing the wings to stay on the money train. Just get everyone to wash their hair and don a pair of plastic shoes, and you're in some serious business. Of course, when people think they'll wind up actually looking like Gisele as a result of Pantene and Ipanema, they'll willingly shell out a few euros for the dream. Forty-five million dreams, it seems.

What do you think about Gisele's flip-flops?


Image via Ipanema

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