Cigarettes Are Sexy Again!

yves saint laurent cigsThere are two types of smokers: Glamorous ones and dirt bags. And when I take up smoking in a few months, I plan on becoming the former. What makes a glamorous smoker, you ask? Oh, I don't know, how about being really tall and skinny, wearing awesome clothes, taking long, languid drags while simultaneously talking on your iPhone. And most important of all, smoking Yves Saint Laurent cigs. Everyone else is a dirt bag.

The Paris fashion house responsible for all sorts of awesome crap I'll never own is now in the tobacco business. They bought a tobacco farm in a small town just south of Mumbai and are employing stiletto-wearing field workers -- psych!

They are really in the cigarette business, though. And it's kinda weird.


I mean, I get it, fashion and cigarettes go hand in hand. We've all seen images of models pouting back stage, rollers in their hair, long, skinny cigarette in their long, skinny hands. Hell, we've even seen them smoking on the runway. But to actually come out with your own brand of stoges? It's so strange ... ly awesome.

I mean, look at this woman. And the packaging. It's so chic. So luxe. So ... not me. But ... could it be? If I buy YSL cigarettes, it could. If you saw me on the corner puffing away on a designer cancer stick, would you stop and think to yourself, "Daaaamn, that is one cool lady!"? You definitely would.

Even if you wouldn't, I'll tell you what, I'm only smoking designer cigarettes when I start smoking. And don't think for a second that Yves Saint Laurent is the only one in the game. Givenchy, Versace, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix, and Cartier have all lent their names to the addictive habit at one point or another. I might hold out for Louis Vuitton ones, though. How cute would it be, sucking away on a cigarette that was rife with a tiny version of the "LV" logo? Precious!

Joking aside, this is lame, guys. And shame on the companies for lending their names to this killer habit. Everybody knows, if there's one thing always out of style, it's smoking. ("The More You Know ... Do Do Do Do.")

Would you smoke YSL cigarettes?


Image via Tax Free Cigarettes

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