'America's Next Top Model' Finalist Wins By a Face-Plant

brittani america's next top model In our DVR generation, I know how annoying it is to hear the outcome of one of your favorite shows before you've had a chance to watch it. And although I don't know how many loyal America's Next Top Model fans are still out there, I'll do you a solid and avoid spoiling the winner for you before the jump.

But I will give you a few basics. The clothes were iffy. The makeup was really awkward. And in last night's finale episode of cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model, we essentially watched the two finalists cry their eyes out for a full hour. 

We watched Brittani cry before the CoverGirl shoot, approximately 10 minutes in. We watched Molly cry at the CoverGirl shoot. We watched Brittani cry at the Vogue Italia shoot. We watched Molly cry when her parents showed up. P.S. Someone please tell me when did the final runway of ANTM become like a sixth grade talent show your parents came to?

In short, last night's episode was a sob-fest. And now, for the winner ...


Brittani! She made a successful emergence from the trailer park into full-fledged model stardom. And although I still think that the fame and facial recognition that comes from winning ANTM is much better than a majority of the prizes she'll receive as the winner, her take-home isn't so bad:

  • $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
  • Contract with IMG Models
  • Cover of Beauty in Vogue
  • A spread in Vogue Italia and Beauty in Vogue

Not too shabby, right? When it came down to it, Molly looks divine in photos, but winner Brittani Kline was more universal. Molly's CoverGirl commercial was slightly snarky, and Brittani's was happy and playful.

It was pretty obvious to me during the final runway that Brittani was going to take it home. Her walk was ffiiiiieeerrrccceee, and even Tyra said, mid-stride, "That girl's got something." Hell, I may as well have turned it off after that comment. But if I had, I wouldn't have seen Brittani take a complete spill as she slipped, bruised her ankle, and cut her wrist during her final walk. Not to worry, though, the judges didn't even touch on that whole thing during panel. THAT'S how much they liked her.

Sigh. Another season done. Not to worry, though. Because The CW feels like beating a dead horse understands how much everyone loves America's Next Top Model, and is coming back this fall with cycle 17, the all-stars edition!

brittani kline antm

What do you think about Brittani's big win? Will you be tuning in next season?

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