Gwyneth Paltrow Recommends an $18,000 Spring Wardrobe

GOOPGwyneth Paltrow works hard to make her lifestyle accessible to fans in her e-newsletter, GOOP. In the latest issue, she brings us a spring wardrobe with pieces that, in her words, "are versatile enough to wear to the office and during your summer leisure time."

There's only one problem. Buying Gwyneth's recommended spring wardrobe, as Us Magazine discovered, will run you about $18,000.

Are you buying it?


The clothes all come from Net-a-Porter, a site Gwyneth teamed up with in order to make shopping easier for her readers.

They range from a Splendid cotton tank, which costs $44, up to a $2,145 Stella McCartney blazer.

I understand that Gwyneth has far more money than the average person. Fine. But part of the problem I have with her recommended $18,000 shopping spree is that the resulting "looks" don't look like they were worth that kind of money.

Check out the above photo, for example. Gwyneth is dressed like one of my elementary school teachers circa 1985. But I'm pretty sure my teachers found THEIR knee-length denim skirts for far less than the $515 Gwyneth's cost. And I KNOW they didn't spend $1,595 for a satchel.

The Us Magazine article was filled with comments from angry readers, who argued that Gwyneth's newsletter is extravagant and out of touch. And perhaps they're right -- how many women are going to be interested in buying Gwyneth's $1,775 summer sandals, anyway?

What do you think?


Image via GOOP

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