Boobs on a Skirt: Can You Top This Fashion Faux Pas?

Heather BarmoreBlogger Heather Barmore got more than she bargained for when she bought what looked like a cool, "modern art"-style skirt in SoHo.

She wore it out with a friend on July 4 and got complimented on it.

But it wasn't until she got to work that she realized the skirt's cool "design" was actually AN ANATOMICALLY CORRECT NAKED COUPLE.

Read on to see the reaction to this skirt in her workplace ...

And then tell me about the most inappropriate thing you've (accidentally) worn!


Check out what Heather wrote in a post about the skirt:

I even went to my mother’s side of the office to chat up with a coworker when my mother came around the corner.

“Cute skirt.”

“Thanks! I got it from this Spanish store I found in SoHo!”

“Wait, what’s that on it?”

“…” I look down. “Nothing. I don’t even know.”

“I don’t think that’s appropriate for work.”


“That would be perfect for outside of the office or on Martha’s Vineyard but not in the office.”

“Why???” I asked both perplexed and incredulous. Why is that woman always trying to harsh my buzz?

“Heather, that’s a little too risque.”


Closer inspection revealed this:


Her post about it cracked me up -- you have to read it for yourself. The comments are just as funny.

Heather's "incident" happened a couple of years ago, but it was funny enough to write about here, because I'm sure we all have similar stories.

Mine happened in college. I had just de-sistered from my sorority, moved out of my sorority house, and gone "independent." In honor of my new, non-Greek status, I was wearing a vintage denim vest, plaid school girl skirt, knee socks, combat boots, and a fitted white t-shirt under the vest. No more stupid Greek-letter sweatshirts for me; I WAS A TOWNIE NOW AND I HAD THE WARDROBE TO PROVE IT.

As fate would have it, I ran into a high-ranking former sorority sister on my way to class. I imagined that she was suitably cowed by my new punk rock status as we chatted for a moment -- but just a few seconds into the conversation, she stopped mid-sentence and looked at my chest in horror. "I ... is ... is THAT YOUR BRA?!" she asked.

I looked down. Plainly visible underneath the vest, my t-shirt had somehow ridden up over my blue satin bra and one boob was just ... TOTALLY VISIBLE.

OMG. I have never been so embarrassed. There was no possible recovery from the situation, although I did try to play it off.

"Oh. Yeah," I said casually, pulling my shirt down quickly. As if, you know, I always walked around campus with one satin bra-covered boob exposed!

So there. That is the first time I've ever told that story and I'm still a little bit horrified about it.

Now tell me your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction ...

Come on ... I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE!


Image via No Pasa Nada

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